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On the radio: Where there’s a will, there’s a relative

The Canadian public broadcaster has a Sunday morning omnibus program that this morning did a piece about financial abuse of the elderly through the manipulation of wills. In my case, my bi-polar mother has been trying to bribe her daughter into liking her for decades. Fortunately, my sister is estranged to us but one of my fears is that she’ll come out of the woodwork.

There’s some family experience with this. Another cousin got ahold of his grandmother’s chequebook and helped himself to seveal thousand dollars.

Moreover, my sister has a history of selfishness, I regret to say. She lived rent free for a decade at a relative’s house and I am sure has ‘reframed’ this as a gift in her mind. Anway, although the specifics of legal issues may differ in your jurisdiction but the psychological and social implications of people fighting over an elderly person’s money are probably the same.

In particular, the panelists discuss the well intentioned but potentially disastrous things that families do like apportioning money ahead of the death or incapacity, and conflicts between what the bank wants and what the lawyers want, et cetera.

There is far more at stake now than ever before. According to a study published this year, about one trillion dollars will change hands in this country over the next two decades. This has been identified as the biggest inter-generational transfer of wealth in the west’s history.Sunday-Edition
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Radio: Balancing life as a family caregiver

One of the hardest jobs many of us will take on in our lifetimes is caring for loved ones as they live longer. The impact upon our careers will be increasingly significant. Balancing work, with your own health and busy lives can be a real challenge. CBC Radio One has a program in British Columbia called Radio West. You can listen to the April 23, 2012 edition as host Rebecca Zandbergen interviwed columnist Star Weiss to discuss the issue. The interview is very short but one point is hammered home:  financial planning for elder care when your parents have complex co-morbidities will make your life as a family caregiver easier.

CBC Radio West

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Article: Taking the lead on mental health

How do you co-ordinate mental health services in a country wider than the Atlantic Ocean when it’s not your responsibiliy?

A forthcoming report in Canada addresses how to intervene early with emotional disorders in other to reduce the severity of the impact on the victims. This new report from the Mental Health Commission of Canada hopes to persuade the dominion’s federal government to take a lead role on mental health care even though health administration in this country is a provincial (which is to say regional) matter. Listen to this interview on on CBC Radio One’s The Current.

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