Full-length documentary on-line about bi-polar caregivers

Family Matters: Surviving the Bi-Polar Journey is a 2010 documentary film from Canada about four families, each with a bi-polar person. You can watch it on-line for free at the British Columbia Knowledge Network.

The film is by Marie Frymire. Family Matters follows four families as they struggle to support a loved one with Bipolar Disorder,one of the most commonly diagnosed mental illnesses:

Ted’s daughter Kristy,21,has just been told she has Bipolar Disorder. Both have difficulties accepting the diagnosis and the need to seek help. Theresa’s 27-year-old daughter Valerie was diagnosed several years ago. Now Theresa fears that Valerie might be repeating her own mother’s tragic struggle with depression. Melanie and Keith have been married 24 years and have two young sons. While Keith struggles with the most severe type of the disease,Melanie has been keeping the household together,sometimes by sheer force of will. Melanie finally begins to realize that the one person she’s forgotten to take care of is herself. Denise and Michael,married for 44 years and happily retired,are only now beginning to learn how Michael’s illness affected their daughter Samantha while she was growing up.

Learn more about the film.

Documentary Film — Family Matters

Documentary Film — Family Matters

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