Podcast – Living through someone else’s bi-polar illness

There’s a podcast in America called Conversations about Mental Illness. It has many episodes about various mental illness subjects, including PDST for ex-servicemen, parents of schizophrenics and other issues. Its extensive back catalogue may be worth a look for you.

One episode that goes back a few years is with a mental health expert  and social worker whose own husband — a psychiatrist no less — suffered a massive bi-polar episode after going off his medications. One of the things that comes out of her interview is that she and her husband isolated. They had no outside support, lived in a remote location, and tried reinventing the wheel in managing this situation. Amazingly, these two mental health experts had no experience with or knowledge of the caregiver community.

After his final manic episode, her husband sunk into a year-long depression that resulted in his suicide. His wife, Judy Eron, a psychotherapist, wrote What Goes Up, which you can find on-line.

Listen to Episode 23.

You can also visit Judy Eron’s web site to find out about her speaking engagements.


Book cover of What Goes Up by Judy Eron

Judy Eron — What Goes Up

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