How not to talk to the mentally ill

I probably come over as an awful person but believe it or not, my frustrations over caregiving for mentally ill family is — I hope– very compartmentalized. That being said, my rants here are rooted in frustration. However frustrated I or you become, it is my belief that we’re ethically obligated to be civil to our mentally ill relatives or simply walk out.

Two years ago I struck up a friendship with an American who came to Canada working for a continental environmental group. I explained early on that Global Warming can be difficult to sell to Canadians as a problem.

Screen Shot 2014-01-02 at 10.46.03 AM

Our first cold snap of 2014 shows why.

Several things happen during the post New Year’s deep freezes. Everything requires more energy, cars don’t start and require boosts from tow trucks that are so busy their drivers stop answering the telephone, pipes burst, you’re never quite warm enough — even in the shower, skin dries out, et cetera.

The worst of it is over by St Valentine’s day but yeah, we’re in the thick of it at the moment. But we’re supposed to be the mentally fit ones. We’re supposed to be the ones who are capable of self reliance. We’re supposed to be functional.

Therefore there was no excuse what so ever for this copper who lashed out at this mentally ill homeless man as happened here last night. I am sympathetic to his frustrations but we must be better than that.

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