1. People who do not do the caregiving may have opinions but the ones who do the caregiving have the votes.
  2. There is no strategy for family caregivers of the bi-polar. Only tactics. The job of a caregiver is to be like the captain of a ship travelling the ocean with a hole beneath the waterline. Your job is to get the ship pointed in the right direction.
  3. Families reduce to one caregiver for the bi-polar relation.
  4. Virtually every article you will read about being a caregiver for a bi-polar parent will be useless if it addresses symptomatic emotions rather than causes.
  5. Social workers will not help the caregiver until the caregiver is also a mental patient.
  6. The best a bi-polar caregiver can do us install processes to reduce the severity of damage caused.
  7. The bi-polar parent can end up respecting family caregivers in inverse ratios to the amount of contact had with those people.
  8. Therapy doesn’t CURE anyone, it really just gives an individual a forum for feedback where possibly awareness and insight on how to change thinking and behaviours may result. (I realize that this is a sweeping statement but this is a blog for caregivers to family members with disabling mental illness.)
  9. Calling people on their lies accomplishes nothing. So, if a bossy relation makes demands, and you’re in private, say nothing. The person is in a point scoring game about family politics where only they know the rules.
  10. To paraphrase Batman, you don’t have to save anyone.


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