Family Photo Albums

A year or two ago, my mother decided to throw nearly everything out. A blessing in some ways except that the kept all of the junk and gave away all the good stuff. This included my possessions. She picked through my boxes in the basement, took what she wanted and threw out anything she didn’t understand. It’s important and not important, I guess. I’m still kind of pissed off about it, oddly.

Anway, I, of all people, ended up with several generations of family photos. Yep, the one person in the family who’s not going to be having kids. My family tree has has fruit, but on other limbs. Back tracking a but, my Dad had an older and younger brother. This side of the family is busy reproducing.

My mother had one sister. Neither I, nor my sister are having kids and my aunt is a spinster. Their dad was an undiagnosed mentally ill alcoholic, and their mother — if being passive-aggressive was an Olympic sport — could have been the country’s team captain. So, it’s no surprise that my family tree’s got some dead branches in it. So, what to do with the kilograms of family photo albums? As it happens, I’ve a pal in the same state. He’s the one member of his family not having kids and one corner of his flat had boxes of family photos. I mentioned to him that I was going to fill up my vehicle with my photo albums and spend a day driving to my nearest relative.

His nearest family members were in the same location so I offered to deliver his albums. Fortunately, he has the same sense of humour and we agreed to play a joke on the next generation by swapping family albums. Have find sorting it , posterity!

I Will Never Have… © XKCD

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