A long while ago, things got hot for Henry Frobisher and so he decided to give piracy a rest and become an explorer. Well, he ended up freezing his arse off in Northern Canada and promised his crew that if they got out of this mess, they’d have a big feast of thanksgiving.

And, with respect to our American cousins who’ve a pathological need to be first in everything*, every year since them, in an unbroken line, there have been thanksgiving autumnal dinners in the new world.

I generally hated the holidays and even now their appearance on the calendar generates a pavlovian response to flee. As we were let out from school, there was always a sense of dread. My bipolar parent would generally make life intolerable to everyone because being a pest at the holidays was a wonderful way of drawing attention to herself.

Well, here’s a real lesson in thanksgiving from photographer Jessica Hilltout. Take a good look at these snaps the next time you are lamenting that you don’t have a bigger house, or the latest gizmo.

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone.

Normal Rockwell Parody

Normal Rockwell Parody

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