Audio: Caring for a partner

What happens when home is no longer a place of refuge from the world of work, but a place of work?

That was one of the many interesting observations made by a man who is caring for his wife with MS on this interview that was aired on BBC Radio 4’s Women’s Hour last week. While not directly concerned with bi-polar parents, there’s enough common ground that I believe you will find it of interest. Jenni Murray speaks to Roger Firth, who’s cared for his wife for the past 10 years, and to Jean French from Carers UK.

One of the interesting remarks was not to think about the long term. Of course, this is against what I have been advising. The take on it was that taking too long a view may be morale sapping and you never know what the future holds. Perhaps something that seems impossible this month may be workable next month as circumstances change.  I guess it may be a bit like running up hill: staring at the top when you’re chugging away can be dispiriting. Work on the road immediately before you and let the top of the hill get to you when it gets to you.

All in all, worth a listen.

BBC Radio 4

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