Audio: All in the Mind

All in the Mind is a BBC Radio 4 programme dealing with the limits and potential of the human mind in relation to psychology, neuro science, mental health and the law and is presented by the immensely bone-able Claudia Hammond.

You can listen each week on Tuesday, on demand or subscribe to the podcast. The archives in the first link is worth exploring as there are nearly 100 episodes on file. Three episodes may be of particular interest to you.

  • Schizophrenia  and caregiving — Tim Salmon’s son developed schizophrenia after college and the past twenty years have been a desperate struggle to secure him the care and support he needs. In this episode, Tim tells about the daily reality of living with this little understood illness and criticises the woeful inadequacies of provision in our society for those with mental illness.
  • Dementia — We don’t know the cause, there is no treatment or cure, and it is fatal. Dementia is the health challenge of this generation. This show also examines what is to be expected in the forthcoming UK Dementia Strategy
  • Siblings with Mental Health Problems — While parents often care for young people with mental health problems it can also raise issues for their siblings. They might have fears for their own mental health or worry about the change in their relationship to their brother or sister. How easy is it to share worries about your own mental health if you feel it’s minor in comparison to your brother or sister? And what of the future and the responsibilities you may one day inherit from your parents. Listen to hear about these and other issues.

BBC Radio 4 — All In the Mind

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