Article: The Agonies of Elder Care — Elderschadenfreude

A piece has just been published about the frustrations of elder care 

Here’s the lede: Recently, a colleague at my radio station asked me, in the most cursory way, as we were waiting for the coffee to finish brewing, how I was. To my surprise, in a motion as automatic as the reflex of a muscle being poked, my body bent double and I heard myself screaming: “I WAAAAAAAANT MY FATHERRRRRR TO DIEEEEE!!!”

It addresses many American-specific issues related to the US’s cockamamie medical system but then goes to cover the emotional issues of elder care for people with whom you have elder care relationships and how it may have an impact upon your relationships with your peers:  Elderschadenfreude is the secret pleasure of hearing about aging parents that are even more impossible than yours.

Rather than summarize the best bits, I encourage you to read it yourself and then go through what will doubtless be an extensive list of comments. I am sure that there will be plenty of readers who will react very negatively to the article. Give’em a few years…

From the always excellent Atlantic Monthly.

Peanuts, Lucy shouting 'I can't stand it' while Linus looks on from a phonograph record player

Peanuts – I Can’t Stand It


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