One heck of an obituary

I found this obituary recently and I’ll draw your attention to one line.

She was a difficult mother and a horrendous mother-in-law. She will STILL be missed.

I’m not saying that the person whose life is memorialized in the obit — the word mercurial isn’t used — was an undiagnosed bipolar person, but it’s possibility. The bipolar are not bad people, they are exhausting however. In some ways, they are so far in the grip of their emotions that they are underdeveloped as adults. Occasionally one is reminded of this and it helps the caregiver stay focused.

It’s possible the person in the obit was mentally ill but it’s not fair or proper to provide a diagnosis after the fact; nor am I in any way competent to do so. I think the bit quoted above helps capture the complexity of the situation. The severely mentally ill can be endearing. I mean, my own mentally ill parent is so very easy to make happy. No, truly she is.

I gave her a gift certificate for her birthday to go her favourite store and she was over the moon with joy. She’s going to get a red purse, this or that top and trousers. Great. This will be followed by howling accusations sometime in the near future but for now, she was happy.


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